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Thematics’ Top 6 Rules to Content Creation

  1. Do it for your (hypothetical) children.  
  2. Do not under any circumstances edit for more time than it took to create the content OR watch back what you created until at least 6 strangers, or two people you respect tell you that they watched it and you hear their opinions because if a tree falls in the forest and no one sees or hears it fall, it still creates a carbon footprint but it is widely debatable as to if it mattered to you in any way that it fell. 
  3. Care. Don’t create content while doing anything else to include but not limited to walking, chewing gum or driving over the speed limit.  
  4. Smell yourself. Imagine your minds’ eye coming directly; hear and reproduce for your children a bit of the inner monologue in your head/heart and POST THAT. 
  5. Check Yo Self BEFORE you Wreck Yo Self: Take 6 deep breaths before you clic send with you feet planted firmly on the ground, your butt in a chair or bench like object and put both hands on your thighs. Between your 3rd and 5th breaths, hold your breath as long as you can on the inhale and blow out as long and hard as you can on the exhale. 
  6. Think High/Low: Juxtaposition is a thing and Contrast really does = Interest. Pit black against white stark like a chess board and let the people take the power of the content from there. 

Optional rules that are not to be emphasized too heavily:

Trust the world you value to value you too. Do you value internet trolls and/or bots?

Gather information for the masses.

Reflect a community or current state of mind to the world. 

Help people understand the broad topic, context and multiple angles of the issue.