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Winning ain't easy.

Kevin Durant is a modern day Karl Malone and everyone else knows that he is jumping to Golden State? Or what?

How does a winner win?

Kevin Durant is Karl Malone & Russell Westbrook is John Stockton, they are great but they can't beat Steph Curry and LeBron the King. And not for nothing, but with six minutes left when Billy Donovan goes small and takes out Stephen Adams, he loses the best player OKC has. When Draymond Green pommels his own head against the hardwood and Stephen Adams goes down all I could think about was if a man who kicked me in the balls twice I'd be looking for revenge every second. They become 2 disparate data points who don't kno how to close the deal. KD & RW may be the best individual talents on the floor but look no further than the Golden State sideline for a perfect example as Michael Jordans Steve Kerr stands there watching.  

And I don't know where it fits but KLAY THOMPSON’s 41 points in Game6 single handedly carried OKC home as the second banana. Straight up comparison, apples to apples, SC jumps into the second row in Game2 and IN GAME7 ANDRE DESHEILDS (from my beloved ‘CUSE) DOESN’t EVEN JUMP (and Reggie Miller says “well no one caught SC). And speaking of playoff experience, ANDRES VERASCOU gives a tremendous contribution at the 6 minute mark.

If E-40 can have a resurgence than so can I. KD can hit his shot. At 1:40 mark of game7 KD goes on a 7-0 run but he can't get RW or any of the other guys to reach the W. Robeson passed up the open 3, Obaka fouls SC beyond SC has CHOICES at the end of game6 in OKC and game7.  Even when he dishes to DG and the shot doesn't fall, SC can shake it off for DG BECAUSE THEY ARE UP BY 6!  KD has no choice but to jack up 3s and RW doesn't even take a shot. And then we all just watch SC dibble...

So as Kenny “the jet” Smith says that it's CONFIDENCE + DISCIPLINE.

I sure am glad someone knew what is takes because MJ is pretty quiet on the topic. When does football season start?  I am ready...