the·mat·ic            +       sche·mat·ic


     /THəˈmadik/   noun  plural noun: thematics                /skēˈmadik/  noun  plural noun: schematics

    1. A body of topics for study or discussion.                 1. A technical diagram reflecting a scheme.



executive Producer & Owner of Thematics LLC

Charles Kirby, owner and executive producer.

Charles Kirby, owner and executive producer.


We are a full service production firm.
We have created eclectic environments from super showrooms to spectacular stages. 

charles kirby

I am a set, lighting and projection designer for theater by training and have worked in the art department on a few films.  
I am the inventor of an LED and Fiber Optic Model Lighting System called LIGHTBOX.
I am the developer of CollabRjabbR, a study in big data and the role it might play in our industry.
On the REAL REEL and The Incoherents are my first foray in to executive and line producing.